Paul Sykes, Chief Executive, Irish Limousin Cattle Society :

‘Greg has been meticulous in the assimilation of information for this publication. The time and distance travelled in familiarising himself with the different breeds and their origins has to be commended. This book will no doubt be a must for both breeders, farmers and anyone with an interest in cattle’.

Prof. Dr. Uwe Andressen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany :

‘Excellent work ! I wish to order five copies for my academic colleagues.’

Ernest Mackey, Chairman, Irish Aubrac Cattle Breed Society :

‘I first met Greg three years ago when he began his research and since then I have liaised with him on the Aubrac breed. I have been impressed with his thoroughness and the depth of research that he has put into the background of the breed, especially on the French side, where he has visited a number of times. This has resulted in a very authentic profile of the breed.’